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First Aid Auto: Asheville/Hendersonville area

What is Auto Detailing?

What once was considered a luxury for only the high-end automobile enthusiasts has now become commonplace for the typical vehicle owner. With the recent rise in popularity, many individuals now include auto detailing as a significant part of an ongoing maintenance program geared toward preserving each vehicle’s overall value. Although auto detailing was synonymous with ‘car washing’ in the past, today a professional detailing service involves so much more than simply washing your vehicle. Care is given to meticulously cleaning every detail of the vehicle, including areas typically overlooked such as the engine and undercarriage. Any minor surface blemishes, oxidation, and embedded dirt are thoroughly removed.


Express Detail

  • Hand Wash and Chamois Dry
  • Wheel Cleaning and optional Tire Shine
  • Quick Interior Vacuum
  • Clean Interior Windows
  • Wipe Down
Any Car $35

Interior Detail

  • All Doorjambs Deep Cleaned
  • All Vinyl Leather and Rubber Deep Cleaned including Dash, Console and Doors
  • Thorough Vacuuming of all Carpets, Mats, Seats, Nooks and Crannies
Standard Car $100
Large SUV $125

Exterior Detail

  • Hand Wash and Chamois Dry
  • Professionally Polish and Hand Wax
  • Bug Removal
  • Deep Clean Wheels and Fender Wells
  • Thoroughly Clean and Dress Under Hood
  • Optional Tire New or Tire
Standard Car $100
Large SUV $125

Deluxe Detail

  • Full Basic Detail- Plus-
  • Apply Compound to Remove Swirls/Oxidation
  • Apply Cleaner Wax and Professional High Gloss Polish, Bug Rain-Ex all Windows
  • Interior Conditioning and Protective Dressing
  • Scotch Guard all Cloth and Carpets
  • Thoroughly Shampoo and Extract all Carpets and Seats
Standard Car $175
Large SUV $225

Ultimate Detail

  • Deluxe Detail- Plus-
  • Prepare Paint Surface with Clay Cleaning to Remove Contaminants, Grease, Industrial Fallout, and Invisible Particles in Clear Coat Surface
  • Three Stage Professional Buffing Process to Bring Back that Like New Shine
  • Protect with Industry Standard Paint Sealant for a Long Lasting Finish
  • Professional Head Light Restoration
  • Upgrade from Extractor to Steam Cleaning.
  • Free Stain Removal Carpet Dyeing if needed
  • Exterior Plastic Moding Dye upon request
Standard Car $225
Large SUV $275

Headlight Restoration

Any Car $65

The First Aid Auto Difference

All interior detailing services receive a complete air purging, vacuuming and shampooing of carpets, floor mats, and upholstery to loosen and remove excess debris and dust. Interior treatment includes vacuuming cleaning and conditioning the dashboard, trim panels, leather and / or vinyl, and ventilation system; and applying a dressing to all interior rubber areas. All windows and mirrors are cleaned to perfection. Prices shown are price ranges, actual cost depends on size and condition of vehicle. The cleaners and dressings that we use are environmentally friendly and achieve the very best result. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At First Aid Auto, we believe quality is essential to customer satisfaction. Anyone can wash a car, but only a professional auto detailer can give your car the care it deserves. With this in mind, we extend an invitation for you to experience excellence.

First Aid Auto provides professional auto detailing for the greater Asheville area. 


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Get your vehicle looking like new with First Aid Auto's detailing options
Jim Rettenmaier - Excellent Repair on Our Mercury

We just wish to thank you, especially, Jason for the excellent repair you did on our Mercury. It's unbelievable how well it came out. We will certainly recommend you.


Thank you again.

Jim and Ann Rettenmaier

Danny Youngblood - "They do everything they say they will do and they don’t over promise."

“I have been working with First Aid Auto for the past 10-years. They do great dent removal and are the best at what they do in my opinion. First Aid Auto or Doug does everything they say they will do and don’t over promise

First Aid Auto has been good to deal with for years. Their work is consistent and they always have a great attitude, this makes them really great to work with. And Doug is really a great guy all the way around. It’s neat to do business with someone who is a hard worker and does what they guarantee.

Someone from First Aid Auto is here every week and probably finishes around 20 to 30 cars during that week. After they are done, they always follow-up on all their work and stand behind every job. First Aid Auto is dedicated and very honest.”

Danny Youngblood

Used Car Manager at Jim Barkley Toyota

Kyte Ferrell - "And there are zero reasons why you wouldn’t want to go see them first."

“First Aid Auto has got a lot of competition in this area. But they are much cheaper than any body shop. There are zero reasons why you wouldn’t want to see them first.

They are easy to deal with and consistent in their work. Not only does First Aid Auto provide excellent, no a better word is exceptional work, they provide work that is fast, easy and efficient. First Aid Auto is always reliable to deal with and they’ll back their work.

One reason or benefit with using First Aid Auto is that they’ll come to my business. This way I can set appointments with my customers and they can come in and have their oil changed and a dent removed all on the same day. With First Aid Auto being so accommodating to my business, they provide me a one stop shop for my customers.

 The result is a happy customer and that makes my job become easier.”

Kyte Ferrell

Service Advisor for Skyland Mercedes

Dick Polaro - 'Green' is best

"I drive a 1967 Camaro and 2005 Audi S4, so when it comes to detailing, I don't want harsh chemicals anywhere near my car. First Aid Auto made my cars look better than ever, and didn't leave a toxic smell behind. The 'green' approach is definitely best for my car, as well as the environment."



Don Parker - Attention to details

"First Aid Auto's ability along with their knowledge of high speed buffers was a major reason I selected them to be involved with detailing of my prize vehicle. They are some of the most skilled detailers I have worked with and their commitment to providing top notch work was a chief reason they took part in this project"  


Betty Wright - Done right

"These guys are the Best with great pricing"

They've done 4 of my vehicles and I would never go anywhere else. All the services I've received have been flawless. I had all 4 vehicles detailed and two of them tinted. They don't need any excuses that time will make the wrinkles or air bubbles go away because there never are any. They get it done right the first time and at a great price and this spring I'm having them detail all 4 of my cars again.






Alice Massanari - The Distance From My Home Was A Concern

The distance from my home was a concern. But because First Aid Auto was able to paint the bumper before I got there, all I waited on was for them to replace the bumper when I arrived. It all seemed very hassle free.


I had a cracked bumper and First Aid Auto provided me with the customer service oriented repair I was looking for and that was cost effective compared to other body shops around.


They were helpful and willing to talk to me about my options. And Doug was effective in providing me with a list of cost estimates. He did this by taking the time to make the phone calls to determine the cost difference in the repair process of the bumper or to replace the entire bumper. Then they gave me an immediate response, evaluation and estimate of both options.


I was pleased he took the time to consider the various options and let me make the decision in the end to replace the bumper.

They did a great job and the bumper looks good. I would definitely recommend them or use them for another repair.


Carol Overby - “I passed them up since they were off the beaten path”

My Lexus needed a lot of work. People don’t care what they do to your car and I had everything from the color of chartreuse on my bumper, where people bumped their cars into me, to black marks on the wheel wells of my car.


I had passed First Aid Auto multiple times but since they were off the beaten path, I didn’t notice them. But I guess word of mouth is better than any type of advertising.


What I found at First Aid Auto was a group of very contentious young guys that were honorable and professional. They didn’t try to oversell me and I didn’t feel pressured to buy more than I wanted. They did mention other options to me but they didn’t push. They were just fair and reasonable and ended up making a customer for life. 


While I just had the outside of my car buffed and waxed. It was the best detailing I’ve ever had on my car and all they used was a lot of elbow grease. And they did hustle when I needed them to. I told them I needed it by a certain time and they accommodated me.


I would hate to think what would have happened if I had of taken my car to the Lexus dealership. Most places always like to go for the gusto and get more money out of me but First Aid Auto didn’t hit me up for that. A lot of companies would have said that I needed X, Y or Z for extras, but with First Aid Auto, I didn’t feel like they raped and pillaged. I think they are more interested in keeping long-term customers. And because of this, I will definitely go back for anything else I need in the future.

MaxPaul Franklin- "An incredible find!"

First Aid Auto has the best detailing service in the United States! As a businessman who films national automobile commercials, I have used auto detailing services all over the United States... these guys are the best! They know the difference between good and great! I have 180,000 miles on my current jet black Honda CR-V and the work they did on it makes it look showroom new! Inside and out, even under the hood, my car looks brand-new. I just moved to the Asheville area and this is an incredible find!

MaxPaul Franklin

Director of Possibilities

IMS Productions

Imagine Magical Storytelling

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Auto Detailing for Scuff Repair and Dull Paint

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